• 10-11 May 2019


PNAU – featuring Sydney school buddies Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes – were not the typical Aussie music act when they first hit the stage during the mid-‘90s. Instead of rock, they played acid house and trance. In a changing climate down under, however, in which dance music was gaining strength, the duo swiftly won plenty of fans and respect.

By the time PNAU were ready to put out their debut album, they had gravitated toward deep house, funk, and hip-hop with Latin and jazz flavours.

The album, titles Sambanova, was released in 1999 by Warner and made a big splash on Australia’s underground music scene.

However, as a result of the problems with the copyright of some samples used on the album, the record company decided to re-release it.

The new version of Sambanova came out in 2001, minus two tracks included on the original, “Arthur’s Pizza” and “Disc One”, but boasting three fresh numbers: “Journey Agent”, “Ordinary Day”, and “Searchin”.

The original duo of Nick and Peter remain prolific collaborators, with projects including Empire of the Sun, Littlemore’s group with the Sleepy Jackson’s Luke Steele, and Good Morning to the Night, a 2012 album with Elton John. Nick has also sprouted some new side project ‘Two Leaves’ with Vera Blue, ‘White Shadows’ with The Vines ex-frontman Craig Nicholls.

As a record producer and songwriter, he has worked with Elton John, Robbie Williams, Lover Lover, Ellie Goulding, Lost Valentinos, Mercy Arms, Groove Armada and Mika. From late 2009, Littlemore had worked with the Cirque Du Soleil as a composer and musical director for the touring arena show, Zarkana, which debuted on 29 June 2011.