• 10-11 May 2019


Tori Levett is a DJ and vocalist from Sydney who makes music in the Electronic/Bass scene.
E arlier this year we heard the debut release from Tori titled Something Bad , a club focused track that
introduced her production style of gritty, mashed-up loops and found sounds. But also intro’d her as a
vocalist, finding her feet for the first time behind the microphone.
She is back with her latest release, Crazy and it’s a track that kicks into gear from beat one, showing an
artist who has now very much found her sound. The song was born from a writing session with vocalist
Kota Banks.
“I was showing Kota some rough beats I was working on, it was one of those lucky moments
where in less than an hour we had the lyrics and vibe for the whole song.”
Beyond the vocal of Crazy, we’re treated to some of Tori’s now trademark thundering beats and edgy
synth lines, plenty of glitched out samples and an infectiously addictive drop melody that will continue
echoing in your memory all weekend.
Tori’s live show is a thumping DJ set of tear-the-house-down party tunes spanning across a wide range of
tempos and feels. Still fresh on the scene, Tori not long ago began cutting her teeth on local underground
club DJ sets, elbowing her way into her own headline slots and more recently embarking on her own club
tours. On the road she has played shows alongside Peking Duk, Quix, Enschway and Party Thieves .
You can catch her show at Marquee Sydney on November 10.
Crazy is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and all good streaming services.
Industry Praise:
“Banging! The vocal only alludes to the stomp that’s about to come.” – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J
“Amazing vocals make this a song that will be stuck in your head for days .” – Run The Trap
“Something Bad has club and festival anthem written all over it. It’s a sound that is nostalgic, fresh and
futuristic all at one.” – Purple Sneakers
“Melodic vocal work meshes perfectly with the darker trappy elements to combine in her very good debut
single, Something Bad.” – Pilerats
“First single that’s taking no shit from the boys club” – Pedestrian TV